Countless children and mothers across the world, and even more so in India, are dying. Even as you read, a mother has lost her newborn baby. What is alarming is that we can completely prevent all these deaths. The Ekam Foundation team is doing everything possible to make sure that no mother or child dies during pregnancy, delivery, or later. Ekam helps the most vulnerable mothers and babies not only survive, but thrive, too.I strongly support Ekam, and I'm running this crowdfunding campaign. But even I and Ekam cannot achieve this without your support! So, this New Year, open your heart and your treasures to support the cause. You can give using a Credit/Debit card, Net-banking, etc. Foreign contributions are welcome, too. No amount is small. You will get 80G tax benefits and a report on how Ekam Foundation used these funds. Let us do our bit this New Year to save mothers and children.

The Social problem :

India witnesses 5.2 million children dying before their 5th birthday. This is a very alarming number. Every minute a new born baby dies in India. The day of birth is the riskiest day for both the mother and the newborn as nearly 40 per cent of newborn deaths and half of maternal deaths occur on the day of birth. The leading causes of death in children under 5 years are babies born too early, babies with low birth weight, infections, breathing issues, birth defects. Poor and vulnerable families in India do not have enough money or information to seek help and lifesaving medical support.

The Social solution:

Team Ekam Foundation through its Save a Mother, Save a Child program is working towards ensuring No Mother and Child dies during pregnancy, delivery or later. Ekam works with the most vulnerable children, mothers, their family members and community. It provides life-saving medical support to children, works towards strengthening government health facilities with equipment, manpower and training the health workers. Ekam trains community health volunteers as peer educators along with training families on mother and child care esp. of sick newborn. It also develops training materials, innovative programs and conducts health research and works towards strengthening the community systems to make healthcare available.

About Ekam Foundation

Dr. Sai, a presidential awardee and an Ashoka Fellow, founded Ekam in 2009. EKAM Foundation is a non-profit organization committed for the healthcare of newborns, children, adolescents and mothers from underprivileged communities.

Transparency and volunteering

Ekam has supported more than one million children and mothers. The funds collected will be given to Ekam Foundation to continue working in 9 States, 12000 villages to strengthen its “Save A Mother and Child” program. Please volunteer for the cause.

Legal and Terms and conditions

You will receive an 80G receipt 7 days after the campaign is closed from Ekam Foundation. Foreign contribution is allowed too. You will receive details of how money was spent 6 months after the campaign is closed from Ekam Foundation.


Goal :
INR 35000/-

Total Collected
₹ 273200/-