Welcome to FundCorps. The most trusted and loved online fundraising platform for NGOs globally. Thank you for joining our mission to help Jijiwisha Society maximise its social impact through fundraising.

You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and fundraising to help Jijiwisha plant 2000 or more saplings.

All it takes is 15 to 30 minutes of your time daily for the next 14 days to help Jijiwisha plant saplings and save the environment.

Millions of trees are cut every day in India and not even 30% are replanted. Of that 30% planted, 50% die within the first month due to lack of maintenance, rest somehow survive considering the condition they are planted in.

The removal of trees and deforestation has a significant negative impact on both local environments and the broader issue of climate change. Loss of critical habitats for plant and animal species.

Soil erosion is common and harms agriculture and water quality. Deforestation disrupts the rainfall patterns and leads to changes in precipitation causing droughts. The stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere, contributing to higher levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

It leads to rising global temperatures, more extreme weather events, and other climatic disruptions. It increases air pollution.

Communities who rely on forests for their livelihoods can face economic hardships when forests are depleted.

1) You will be rewarded with a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE after the successful completion of your individual campaign goal.

2) It is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn crucial life skills that are important for your career and personal life.

3) This is a beautiful opportunity for you to nurture existing connections, reconnect with old connections, and build on new ones.

4) You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and fundraise to help Jijiwisha Society plant saplings and protect the environment

5) Upon raising a minimum of Rs. 70,000/- or more, you will be rewarded with a exciting gift hamper as a token of appreciation towards safeguarding the environment.

6) A fantastic opportunity for you to volunteer with Jijiwisha during sapling plantation drive or any other volunteering activity as required.

7) The team that raises highest will be rewarded with a trophy.

For any query regarding crowdfunding, please feel free to connect with us. Please fill in the following details to register as a campaign volunteer.

Please fill in the following details to register as a campaign volunteer.

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