Dear volunteers of KAYANTAR Foundation
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You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and funds for Kayantar Foundation's project to support 6500 villagers from Bainsi village of Nuh district, Haryana with education, health, and employment.

All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes of your time daily for the next 14 days to empower youth from underprivileged backgrounds.

The problem KAYANTAR FOUNDATION is addressing:
Lack of finances, uneducated parents, lack of educational Facilities, lack of teaching-learning methods, transportation to schools, shortage of teachers, child labour, and social disputes are few of the problems that contributes towards lack of education for children in rural areas.

Increased education expectations, lack of basic literacy skills, decent work deficit, lack of information, health problems and illnesses, temporary contracts, skills mismatch, lack of training for work, and social restraints upon women are few of the causes that contributes to unemployment amongst rural population.

Nearly 86% of all the medical visits are made by ruralites with the majority still travelling more than 100 km to avail health care facility of which 70-80% is born out of pocket landing them in poverty. Only 0.5% of the rural population enjoy basic sanitation facilities with a major population affected by the various health ailments owing to lack of sanitation coupled with polluted waters.

As a campaign volunteer for KAYANTAR Foundation project:
1) You will be rewarded with SOCIAL VOLUNTEERING CERTIFICATE after the successful completion of the campaign goal. This adds a lot of value to your resume.Helps immensely during placement interviews

2) It is a perfect opportunity for you to learn crucial life skills that are important for your career and personal life.

3) You will be raising awareness and funds fo to support 6500 villagers from Bainsi village of Nuh district, Haryana with education, health, and employment.

4) Spend only 15 minutes to 20 minutes on average of your volunteering time for 14 days to raise INR 35000/- or more.

5) Your network donating to your campaign will stand a chance to win food, clothing, and travel discount coupon vouchers from selected brands.

6) Upon raising a minimum of Rs. 150000/-, you stand a chance to win a free one to one professional career guidance session. This involves professional resume building, cover letter writing, learning to crack interviews, and more, and more.

7) If the total campaign goal exceeds a total of Rs. 5 crore, you stand a chance to meet your beloved celebrity.

8) Upon inviting your friends to volunteer for the campaign, if the total amount crosses more than 14lacs from the friends you invited for the campaign, you will receive a Letter Of Recommendation for your exceptional leadership skills.

Please fill in the following details to register as a campaign volunteer.

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I have received detailed instructions about the campaign. I have understood that this is a SOCIAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM of FundCorps where I will be volunteering my time to raise awareness and funds for a cause, learn new life skills, and grow my existing skills. I want to make a difference in society and I agree to do the campaign and contribute to the team goal. I accept the campaign owner agreement: