Dear volunteers of ETASHA Society
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You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and funds to PROVIDE SKILL TRAINING AND PLACEMENT TO YOUTH

All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes of your time daily for the next 14 days to provide employment to youth.

The problem ETASHA Society is addressing
The unemployment rate for youth in India is close to 28% This is a very alarming figure considering India is a youth nation. Youth unemployment in India is a major concern and is one of the most widely discussed issues. Yet, it has hardly seen any resolution.

One of the reasons for youth in India too are unemployed is, they are ambitious and don't want to work as manual laborers, but have received sub-standard education hence have no skills for employment in the organized sector. Such youth are particularly vulnerable to being misled.

Population, or as they say, overpopulation, has always been a roadblock for a considerable number of issues. There is a massive gap in the skill demand and supply chain.

80% of companies are looking for skilled employees. However, outdated curriculum, insufficient teaching resources, and lack of basic infrastructure, to name a few, are at the root of youth being unskilled.

The idea of a working female is still not very widely accepted in India.

As a campaign volunteer for the ETASHA Society
1) You will be rewarded with SOCIAL VOLUNTEERING CERTIFICATE after the successful completion of the campaign goal. This adds a lot of value to your resume.

2) It is a perfect opportunity for you to learn crucial life skills that are important for your career and personal life.

3) You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and funds to PROVIDE SKILL TRAINING AND PLACEMENT TO YOUTH

5) Your friends donating to your campaign will stand a chance to win food, clothing, and travel discount coupon vouchers from selected brands.

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