Dear volunteer of Adiwasi Vanwasi Sewa Kendra
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You will be volunteering your skills and time to raise awareness and funds to DISTRIBUTE BLANKETS AND WARM CLOTHES TO HOMELESS AND SLUM DWELLERS IN KAIMUR DISTRICT OF BIHAR

All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes of your time daily for the next 14 days to raise funds and distribute blankets and warm clothes.

The problem Adiwasi Vanwasi Sewa Kendra is addressing
With temperature dropping down in India, people from low-income communities like slums, streets, and rural are suffering a lot in this cold.

During lock-down, these people have lost a lot including their jobs, day to day ration, education for children, many have migrated back to their hometown, many have not been able to survive, and many are still trying to somehow trying to make their ends meet. Due to winter season, these people who have lost almost everything, do not have blankets to cover themselves during the cold nights.

Climate in Bihar is dropping day by day and people from slums, streets, and rural areas have no means to protect their loved ones during chilling winter.

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