I am running a crowdfunding campaign to enable the poorest segments of rural population to participate in setting up agri-based business enterprises through training local youths as facilitators, a model that can be widely replicated in the country. Almost 70% of people from rural areas struggle to make their living. People in rural areas lack connectivity, employment opportunities, market access, and more. Team Manavodaya aims to train and handhold rural youth to socially and economically transform 10 village clusters. This will impact lives of poorest 2000 families or 12000 inhabitants, and several thousand families indirectly. Please support this campaign by entering the amount you wish to contribute using a Credit/Debit card, Net-banking, etc. You will also get a report on how funds were used by Manavodaya. Contributing to the campaign has 80G tax benefits. Foreign contribution is also allowed. Let us transform the financial conditions of weakest segments in rural India.

The Social problem :

Almost 70% of people from rural areas struggle to make their living due to lack of access to information, technology and markets. The poor segments also face multiple forms of injustice due to lack of awareness and opportunities to organise themselves for taking collective decisions. This is best facilitated by the civil society and business, and is complementary to the role of governments.

The Social solution:

Team Manavodaya through its program of training, handholding and supporting rural youth plans to initiate a process of social and economic transformation in 10 village clusters in the pilot round. This will have direct impact on the poorest 2000 families or 12000 inhabitants, affecting several thousand more families indirectly from the improved services of local institutions. Team will identify educated rural youth, provide them iterative training and support to help them connect to poor families, set up micro businesses, market access, mentorship to reach maturity and sustainability of intervention. The entire process shall be documented for establishing a model for scaling up.

About Manavodaya

Manavodaya is a non profit organisation working for poorest segments in rural India. It is focused on providing training and handholding to rural youth to set up micro businesses to socially and economically transform rural India.

Donate INR 2000/- or more

Your valuable contribution will socially and financially empower poor families in rural India. One youth trained by Manavodaya empowers 200 families or 1200 persons directly making them financially independent while indirectly benefiting many more.

Transparency and volunteering

The funds collected will be given to Manavodaya who will spend on training 20 youth from rural areas and help set up micro businesses. Volunteer and help us in the campaign to socially and economically empower poorest rural India.

Legal and Terms and conditions

You will receive an 80G receipt in 7 days after the campaign is closed from Manavodaya. Foreign contribution is allowed too. You will receive details of how money was spent in 6 months after the campaign is closed from Manavodaya.


Goal :
INR 35000/-

Total Collected
₹ 584000/-